[ANN] Diaria 0.1.4 released

Diaria 0.1.4 is up on rubyforge.org.

I use this package to maintain my blog at http://www.ozten.com/blog/
This package is very young and will contain bugs, cruft, etc.

Changes since 0.1.1

  • Fixed sorting bug during publishing

  • Added alternate config file flag, so you can manage more than one blog

  • Add more unit tests

Diaria is an tool for posting news items to the web.
This activity is also known as blogging for the buzz word compliant.
Diaria is a command line program that creates a simple weblog page,
archive pages, and a (rss) news feed.
It is written in Ruby and uses Yaml to store it’s data.
This program is run from your local computer and doesn’t require any special web hosting.
Diaria will create your “blog” site and you can copy these files over to your web host.

“Tienen peleas diarias” => They have arguments every day