[ANN] darb 0.2

(Joel VanderWerf) #1

Darb 0.2


Combines a main.rb file and list of library files that it requires into
a single executable script file. The library files are embedded in the
DATA section of this script and loaded using a custom implementation of
require that reads from DATA.

Changes since 0.1:

- better help text

- empty command line outputs help, as do -h and --help

- generates a hashbang line if darb itself has one

- format of feature name in $LOADED_FEATURES is now consistent with

- now works correctly when some or all input files have cr-lf instead of
just lf

- archives generated on windows run on unix/linux and vice versa

Still broken:

- autoload doesn't look inside the archive, so autoload of external
libraries is ok, but not autoload of archived files. Since ruby's
autoload code does not call #require, getting this to work will involve
reimplementing autoload using #const_missing.


      vjoel : Joel VanderWerf : path berkeley edu : 510 665 3407