[ANN] color 1.5.1 Released

color version 1.5.1 has been released!

* home: <http://color.rubyforge.org>
* code: <https://github.com/halostatue/color>
* bugs: <https://github.com/halostatue/color/issues>
* rdoc: <http://rubydoc.info/github/halostatue/color>
* code climate: <{img src="https://codeclimate.com/github/halostatue/color.png" /}[https://codeclimate.com/github/halostatue/color]>
* continuous integration: <{img src="https://travis-ci.org/halostatue/color.png" /}[https://travis-ci.org/halostatue/color]>

Color is a Ruby library to provide basic RGB, CMYK, HSL, and other colourspace
manipulation support to applications that require it. It also provides 152
named RGB colours (184 with spelling variations) that are commonly supported in
HTML, SVG, and X11 applications. A technique for generating monochromatic
contrasting palettes is also included.

The capabilities of the Color library are limited to pure mathematical
manipulation of the colours based on colour theory without reference to colour
profiles (such as sRGB or Adobe RGB). For most purposes, when working with the
RGB and HSL colours, this won't matter. However, some colour models (like CIE
L*a*b*) are not supported because Color does not yet support colour profiles,
giving no meaningful way to convert colours in absolute colour spaces (like
L*a*b*, XYZ) to non-absolute colour spaces (like RGB).

Color version 1.5.1 is mostly a maintenance release, fixing some bugs that may
have been introduced with the previous release on Ruby 1.8.7. New features
include an experimental contrast comparison method for RGB colours (found in
lib/color/rgb/contrast.rb) provided by Dave Heitzman, and methods suggested by
Thomas Sawyer based on the Spectrum library.

Barring bugs introduced in this release, this will be the last version of color
that supports Ruby 1.8, so make sure that your gem specification is set
properly, to <tt>~> 1.5</tt> if that matters for your application.


## 1.5.1 / 2014-01-28

* color 1.5 was a yanked release.

* Minor enhancements:
  * Added new methods to Color::RGB to make it so that the default defined
    colours can be looked up by hex, name, or both.
  * Added a method to Color::RGB to extract colours from text by hex, name, or
  * Added new common methods for colour names. Converted colours do not retain
  * Restructured color comparisons to use protocols instead of custom
    implementations. This makes it easier to implement new colour classes. To
    make this work, color classes should +include+ Color only need to implement
    <tt>#coerce(other)</tt>, <tt>#to_a</tt>, and supported conversion methods
    (e.g., <tt>#to_rgb</tt>).
  * Added @daveheitzman’s initial implementation of an RGB contrast method as
    an extension file: <tt>require 'color/rgb/contrast'</tt>. This method and
    the value it returns should be considered experimental; it requires further
    examination to ensure that the results produced are consistent with the
    contrast comparisons used in Color::Palette::MonoContrast.
  * Reducing duplicated code.

* Bug Fixes:
  * Moved +lib/color/rgb-colors.rb+ to +lib/color/rgb/colors.rb+. This should
    have no impact in general.
  * Improved the way that named colors are specified internally.
  * Fixed bugs with Ruby 1.8.7 that may have been introduced in color 1.4.2.

* Tooling Changes:
  * Added simplecov for test coverage analysis.
  * Modernized Travis CI support.