[ANN] Call for entries for Ruby biz Grand prix 2021


This is an announcement from Shimane Prefectural Government in Japan.


Thank you for using Ruby.
We started invitation to the seventh contest Ruby biz Grand prix 2021.
This Grand prix is to make honorable recognition of services and products that create innovative new values of the programing language Ruby by utilizing it in the field of business.
Why don't you advertise your business or services by applying for this Grand prix?

[Exemplification of expected technical areas]
* Web application
* IoT (edge computing, sensor devices etc.), machine control
* Infrastructure
* Data analysis/utilization

We widely promote the matter with which you make application for the contest.
We are looking forward to your application to the contest by presenting excellent services which Ruby creates.

The portal site for Ruby biz Grand prix:
URL: Ruby biz グランプリ トップページ

* In the site you will read application guidelines for 2021, application forms, and examples of past prize winners, and so on.

  [where to inquire]
IT Promotion Section, Industry Promotion Division, Department of Commerce, Industry and Labor, Shimane Prefectural Government
e-mail: rubybiz@joe2.pref.shimane.jp