[ANN] build-dependency and build-uri

Build::Dependency is a dependency resolution algorithm. It's primarily
used in Teapot, primarily a C++ build tool (but it's completely
generic). However, I've decided to extract it, because I've also been
using it in a tool for deploying Arch Linux virtual machines. In this
case, it reads the PKGBUILD files and can construct a dependency
graph. It doesn't support versioned constraints (although it probably
could) as they are not useful in teapot. If you have need of
generating and resolving dependency graphs, it may be of use.

Build::URI is a pseudo-URI parsing library. It implements a similar
parsing of that used by git, scp, rsync, etc. It parses full URLs,
paths, and triples (`git@github.com:foo/bar`). It was specifically
build to be associative w.r.t. concatenation of URIs, which is what I
end up doing in Teapot (source URI + package name/path, where source
URI might be a github URL, a local path, etc). It's not designed to be
generic URI parsing library, but instead implement the semantics
useful for specifying things like paths, git repositories, etc and
working correctly when concatenating them (e.g. http URL + relative
path, relative path + relative path, etc).

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