[ANN] Autumn 3.0: Easy, fresh, powerful IRC bots

Autumn 3.0 has been released and is now on GitHub. Autumn is still one
the simplest and most powerful ways of writing IRC bots in Ruby. Autumn
3.0 makes it easier to distribute your bots, and, with ERb view
templates, brings Autumn one step closer to being Ruby on Rails for IRC.
Writing a bot is still as simple as:

class Controller < Autumn::Leaf
  def awesome_command(stem, sender, channel, msg)
    return "#{sender[:nick]} is awesome!"

Autumn 3.0 includes ActiveRecord-like database support with the use of
the DataMapper gem (now supporting DataMapper 0.9). Your leaves can
have powerful access to databases in the same way your Rails apps do.
Combine an active-record approach to ORM with templated views and magic
controller methods (along with helpers, before_filters, and more), and
any Ruby on Rails developer can jump right into Autumn and begin writing
IRC bots.

For complete details, visit Autumn's home page at
To see complete release notes, visit

Tim Morgan


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