[ANN] anytick 0.2.0 released

anytick version 0.2.0 has been released.

## About anytick

Anytick extends ruby's backtick notation to do more than run a shell
command. For example, it defines the def method syntax in backtick,
and makes Ruby 2.7's arguments forwarding notation of `(...)' usable
with Ruby 2.6.

    require 'anytick'
    class Foo
      extend Anytick.rule(Anytick::DefineMethod)
      `def foo(...)

This example does not cause a syntax error in Ruby 2.6, even though it
uses the new notation `(...)' of Ruby 2.7.
If Ruby version is 2.7 or later, this example will be evaluated as is.
If Ruby version is older than 2.7, this example will be evaluated by
converting `(...)' to work with older Ruby.

See <https://github.com/y10k/anytick> for detail.

## Changes on 0.2.0

### Added
- Add trailing arguments forwarding on define method rule.


TOKI Yoshinori <toki@freedom.ne.jp>