[ANN] 'addlib' project underway

Hi folks,

As per my "announcement" of a non-standard library project[1], I'm
pleased to announce the launch of the 'addlib' project.

* What is it?

'addlib' is an enhancement for the Ruby standard library. It aims to
create and reuse Ruby code to present a bunch of classes that would
(probably) not be out of place in the standard library itself. By
carefully arranging, documenting, testing, and packaging them, I hope
that the whole will be much more valuable than the sum of its parts.

* Why is it being announced?

If I did this all myself, then I'd probably end up with a library that
was of great use to myself and of little interest to anyone else. I
want it to be better than that. Therefore, if you are interested in
such a project, please get involved. It's intended to be a
low-intensity project, looking for people's ideas and contributions,
but generally not sucking up too much time.

* How can I help?

If you are interested in contributing to addlib, be it ideas for
libraries, code for libraries, ideas for organisation, or effort in
organising, please sign up to the mailing list:


There's also the wiki, to which anyone can contribute general or
specific ideas:



[1] http://www.ruby-talk.org/103468