[ANN] ActiveRecord Extensions 0.0.4 Released!

ActiveRecord Extensions 0.0.4 Is Released

What is ActiveRecord Extensions?


ActiveRecord Extensions is a library which extends the power of ActiveRecord providing lower level support for more database
specific features and optimizations.

What features are currently supported?

  • MySQL users will enjoy multi value insert statement support using the ‘import’ method. This supports mass importing of data
    using ActiveRecord with or without validations. It also provides support for ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE feature that MySQL offers
  • MySQL users will also benefit from extended ‘find’ method functionality. You can now search with arrays, ranges, regular

Is This MySQL specific?

Currently yes, but in the future no. PostgreSQL is the next db adapter to extend the functionality to, but currently I haven’t
heard much word from the ActiveRecord / PostgreSQL community on this type of functionality, so I haven’t made it a priority.




For information specific to the 0.0.4 release please read:

For information specific to the 0.0.3 or earlier releases please read:

Better documentation and more benchmarks are coming!

Zach Dennis
Michigan Ruby Users Group

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