ActiveRubyScript and RubyAEOSA

Hmmm, as mentiod before on this list, vim is scriptable, exim is
scriptable, emacs is scriptable by definition :-), postgresql supports
different scripting languages, mozilla is scriptable, openoffice is
scriptable. yawn



On Wed, Jul 31, 2002 at 02:46:33AM +0900, Chris Gehlker wrote:

I’m sort of a *nix newbie but thumbing through “Unix in a Nutshell” there
don’t appear to be any ‘scripting languages’ in the Visual
Basic/JavaScript/AppleScript sense or for that matter any scriptable
applications.[1] I don’t doubt that this is related to the linear nature of
many Unix apps that has been mentioned here before. But that raises the
question of will there ever be scriptable Unix apps, and if the answer is
yes, shouldn’t there be a single Ruby syntax for addressing them.

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