8 Ruby on Rails contract positions in VA

Please send resumes to Daniel_Massaro@oxfordcorp.com

LOA: 3-6 months (possibility of contract to hire)
LOC: VA 1 week onsite a month 3 weeks remote
start: ASAP

Client needs a total of 8 people to come in and help them out on two
fronts the web team and the e-commerce team. There will be some light
coding, HTML layouts, double checking of 3rd party pages, and database
access to see what can be imported and exported to other countries,
they recently acquired companies in Germany and Japan.

My SQL database envir.
Ruby on Rails (RoR)

Oracle Fin. tech

If no RoR then will take strong Python exp. they are both open source

Also, these questions were sent to us in as kind of a prescreen for

Are you familiar with meta programming in Ruby

Are you familiar with writing plugins in Ruby

Have you ever Modified/Patched rails source

Are you familiar with DRB (Distributed Ruby, not ERB)

Are you familiar with the concept of domain specific languages

Are you familiar with Action Web Service

They should be very comfortable speaking about at least 1 half of those
topics in some depth, and in the off chance that any candidate is
fluent in Japanese that would easily be a +25% modifier for our
decision to go with them J